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8 things to know about the 2023 Kia Niro



Thanks to the Niro, Kia's been a strong competitor in the subcompact segment for the better part of the last 5 years. The Korean SUV is one of the only vehicles currently offering all-three HEV, PHEV, and EV powertrains for the same model. This is a massive advantage over the competition and the main reason the Niro is so attractive. 


Although, the Kia Niro's powertrain options are just the cherry on top of the cake. The Korean SUV is good-looking and offers a decent amount of standard equipment. Higher trim levels and optional equipment are affordable and well-balanced. I am not saying the 2023 Kia Niro is the best vehicle in the world, but it should be on your list for the following vehicle you plan on purchasing. If you are not convinced yet, here are 8 things to know about the 2023 Kia Niro.


1 – HEV, PHEV and EV


We already mentioned it in the first paragraph, but I think it deserves a deeper explanation. In case you didn't know, HEV is the abbreviation for Hybrid Electric Vehicle, PHEV means Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle and EV is simply Electric vehicle. So, as I mentioned, the 2023 Kia Niro is one of the only vehicles that offer all three so you don't have to choose another model. If you are unfamiliar with EVs, you can always start with the plug-in version. If you like the Niro but want to get the least expensive and more straightforward version, the HEV is perfect for you.


2 – Kia Connect


Most car manufacturers offer applications for your phone that helps you to control certain aspects of your vehicle. Kia Connect App is among the best of its kind and truly makes the owner experience better.  


3 – PHEV offers one trim level


With HEV and EV versions, you have several choices of trim levels which is not the case with the PHEV Niro. This makes sense since the PHEV is more of a transition between the two other versions. The only trim available for the Kia Niro EV PHEV is the EX version, which has a lot of standard equipment, so don't feel like anything is missing.


4 – One big screen


So all versions come with it, but if you choose EX trim or higher, you will get a 10.25 Multimedia interface and an all-digital cluster just as big. Both of these are integrated into a widescreen giving the Niro's an interior modern and luxurious feel. This is the kind of thing you usually get only in big luxury vehicles.


5 – It's very spacious


Although the Niro I a reasonably small vehicle, its interior is quite spacious, especially in the cargo area. It can go up to 1 897 liters depending on the version, which is very impressive.


6 – Warranty


Most vehicles offer a 3-year/60,000km full warranty and a 5-year/100,000 km Limited powertrain warranty. The 2023 Kia Niro offers a standard 5-year/100,000 km warranty and 8-year/150,00 km on EV components.


7 – 4.4 L/100 km


This number is important because this is the average fuel consumption of the 2023 Kia Niro Hybrid, which is the least fuel-efficient version of the Korean SUV.


8 – Smart technologies


The 2023 Kia Niro push the concept of a well-equipped vehicle even further with some technologies that are almost exclusive to the brand, like the Remote Smart Parking Assist. This means you can control your vehicle even when you are out of it, which makes parking more manageable than ever. This is only one of the many smart technologies you can find in the Korean SUV.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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